Location Amsterdam

november 1, 2022

Psiloflora: Location Amsterdam Watervilla Excellent Amsterdam Watervilla Excellent is a beautiful location in the hotspot located […]

Psychedelische therapie in Amsterdam

oktober 1, 2022

Psychedelische sessies in Amsterdam Psychedelische sessies bieden we aan in heel Nederland en dus ook in […]

MDMA, psilocybine of LSD therapie?

september 1, 2022

Kiezen tussen MDMA, psilocybine of LSD als therapeutisch hulpmiddel Psychedelische therapie staat in 2022 enorm in […]

Magic truffle ceremony 28-05-22

juni 1, 2022

Truffle ceremony theme On 28 May 2022, we will organise an open group truffle ceremony. The […]

Hire a trip sitter last minute

juni 1, 2022

Need a trip sitter? Are you going to use a strong dose of magic mushrooms, magic […]

Drugs therapy

juni 1, 2022

Medicinal drugs as therapy? Drugs are often used to describe addictive street drugs. However, there are […]

Psilocybine en antidepressiva

mei 24, 2022

Het oude advies over psilocybine combineren met antidepressiva Over het algemeen wordt de combinatie van psychedelica […]