Psychedelic truffle therapy Belgium

mei 1, 2022

Psiloflora: Psychedelic truffle therapy Belgium Psychedelic therapy in Belgium Psychedelic therapy with magic truffles is currently […]

New psilocybin mushroom ceremonies

maart 1, 2022

Psiloflora: New psilocybin mushroom ceremonies Psilocybin mushroom ceremony Here in the Netherlands we’re using the parts […]

Magic truffles therapy

december 1, 2021

Psiloflora: Magic truffles therapy What is magic truffle therapy ? A psychedelic therapy session with psilocybin […]

Magic mushroom session

december 1, 2021

Psiloflora: Magic mushroom session Is a magic mushroom session for you? Everyone is different and therefore […]

Blauwe lotus tijdens truffel ceremonie

februari 11, 2021

Blauwe Lotus combineren met psilocybine tijdens een truffel ceremonie kan een ontspannende feel good reis naar […]

Psilohuasca ceremony

januari 1, 2021

The psilohuasca ceremony explained Psilohuasca and ayahuasca both end in huasca. In addition to this similarity, […]