My husband and myself had a guided truffle session with Marcel in October 2021. We had trouble with our accommodation where we originally planned the session. Marcel was very kind and offered to postpone the date and arranged for us to come to the loft. We loved the loft and felt very safe there. In our view it is a perfect setting. Marcel was very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process from the first contact to the time after the session. Marcel helped us to arrive and settle down before the session and looked after us very well during and after the session. We got a lot of advice and Marcel was very attentive and kind throughout the whole process.

My husband had a more pleasurable experience than I did. My experience was less positive but still helpful. I definitely want to continue my exploration with truffles. Part of the problem may have been that the music worked well for my husband but less well for me. I recommend people to look into the choice of music themselves before a trip. For a future trip I would definitely bring my own playlist. 

Overall, we are both very happy with our experience and we definitely recommend people to do truffle sessions at the loft with Marcel. Thanks so much 🙂

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Triptherapie: Good magic mushroom experience with Marcel

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Psychedelische therapie: Good magic mushroom experience with Marcel
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