Psiloflora: How much psilocybin do we give during a psilocybin ceremony?

A high or low dose?

Everybody is different and you might need a different dose than someone else. In order to achieve the right trip level and effect, we’ll calculate how much psilocybin you need.

Tripping and trip levels

Tripping means traveling as a psychedelic trip can feel like a cosmic or inward journey. During this trip a lot can be learned and especially about the subjective truth. The interpretation of the world around us will change during a psychedelic trip in such a way that it can resemble a self made and/or real dream world. Of course you won’t trip from a very small amount of psychedelics as much as from a heroic dose, just like you won’t get drunk from a single glass of wine (with some exceptions). To indicate the intensity of a trip, we have divided the strength of a trip into 5 trip levels.

What trip level is right for you?

We offer various trips with various trip levels. We use truffle tea or psiloflora tea in which we use the best and strongest psilocybin containing truffles in combination with herbal minerals and vitamins. Below is an overview of what trip levels and effects can be expected in the following services.

Psilocybin ceremony Trip level Duration (h) Suitability/experience
Low dose 1-2 2-3 Beginner
Medium dosage 3-4 3-5 Beginner
High dose 4-5 4-6 Some experience
Heroic dose 5 5-8 More experienced
Psiloflora* 4-5 5-8 Some experience
Extended Psiloflora* 4-5 7-10 Some experience

* Psiloflora is a mix of psilocybin truffles and Passionflower (mild MAOi)

Trip level 1 (Low dose)

During trip level 1 the negative feelings of serotonin depression disappear. Because the communication of the brain halves changes, music will sound deeper, colors will become brighter and the environment more tangible. Your senses are open. During this phase you are more open and socially involved and you begin to become open and honest with others and yourself.

Trip level 2 (Low dose)

Brighter perception of colors, visuals such as moving and “breathing”. of objects, walls, etc. With eyes closed, 2-dimensional patterns are observed. Due to changes in the short term memory the user experiences continuous distracting thought patterns, interspersed with extreme focus. The natural filter in the brain is bypassed, causing, among other things, the creativity increases. During this phase it is already possible to go crossroads find out. Interrelationships about, for example, why certain things and how to deal with it.

Trip level 3 (Medium dose)

Very clearly perceptible visuals, everything seems bent or distorted. Patterns can be seen on walls, objects, faces etc. Mild hallucinations, such as the effect of flowing rivers in wood grains or other structures. Some confusion of the senses, for example the seeing sound as color etc. Time is distorted so that everything in the “now” seems to be playing. From this level it is already possible to to connect to the subconscious brain, while this is still quite is easy to steer. In the subconscious there can be fears that stress without being consciously aware of it. This level is useful to to fight those subconscious fears. Fears are often from the past and/or the future. These fears are for the now not real and acceptance is possible during this triple sheet.

Trip level 4 (High dose)

Strong hallucinations, such as objects turning into other objects (morphs). Perception of the ego fades, objects can for example talking to you or feeling conflicting things at the same time. Any loss of reality, time becomes an incomprehensible concept. Possible experience of getting out of body experience). Mixing stimuli of different senses. Because of the loss of self-protection and the loss of self-protection is during this phase hard but honest about itself. Problems can to be addressed and given a place. The connection to the subconscious is very high in this triple sheet so there is a lot of can be learned about who somebody is when it seems like it’s about another goes because of the ego loss.

Trip level 5 (High dose)

Total loss of visual connection with reality, senses no longer work in the “normal” way. A total loss of ego. Users feel themselves merging with space, other objects or the universe. The loss of reality becomes so bad that it is difficult to explain or articulate it. This level differs from the other levels because the real universe in which things are located ceases to exist. During this phase there is no control at all possible from the ego. The connection with the subconscious is now maximal. There is nothing to hide. It is, as it were, a dream that cannot be influenced by you. This phase can give you insights in an initially incomprehensible way. Level 5 trippers often call the trip experiences mystical, the most beautiful experience of their lives or frightening. Especially control freaks find it scary in the beginning. It’s not wise to do level 5 trip level right away without experience with psychedelics.

Heroic dosage (Heroic dosage)

A Heroic dosage of psychedelics ensures a long stay in trip level 5 that doesn’t last minutes but may even last an hour or longer. Dissolving the ego (ego death) for a longer period of time some compare to a near-death experience and rebirth. Others compare it to a prolonged DMT trip. One thing that is certain is that the connection with regular reality completely disappears during the peak of the trip. During the coming down of a heroic dose is often spoken of a lot of gratitude and love for life.

End of the psilocybin trip

No matter how deep your trip has gone, you will always come back slowly along the lower trip levels. A level 5 trip always passes level 4, 3, 2 and 1 after which you gently land back into reality. You will retain all knowledge, ideas and insights. Other things that at first seemed incomprehensible can suddenly land, even weeks after the trip session. Most people who do such a trip will permanently maintain a more open character and feel more connected to the environment and the people they live with. On a physical level there will also be an improvement. The increased stimulation of the 5HT2a receptor provides neurogenesis. This means that the brain and nerve cells can recover and even create new ones, creating a better connected brain (mind-expanding).

Advice trip level and type of psychedelics

Would you like to undergo a psychedelic trip for the healing therapeutic effects or for personal and/or spiritual growth? We can give you advice on which means and which trip level is right for your goal and experience. Please feel free to contact us.

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