Triptherapie: Review – Truffle session in Schiedam

I had my first experience of psychedelics (psilocybin truffles) in August 2020 at Schiedam’s loft. I have suffered from an addiction to a certain harmful activity and have been stuck with some other negative behavioral patterns as well. I also wanted to know what it is like to be tripping, of curiosity and to expand my knowledge.

When I arrived to the loft, first we sat down and discussed some general things about tripping, my issues and the reasons I was there for, and my hopes and thoughts about the session. We had been talking about these already in advance per e-mail.

The trip started with some feeling of numbness first in my throat and face, then the body. I felt a little bit of fear for this and some unexplainable reason, but nothing very frightening. Marcel assured me that this feeling would soon pass, and it did. 

The visions started with seeing the surface of a wooden pile in the room become full of glistering rivers, which were moving. It was so beautiful. Also other furniture started to behave this way.

Then I lied down on a mattress. I was looking at a small human figure statue. It was changing it’s shape all the time, from mother with child, to two lovers and further. It was communicating with me without words.

 I could see galaxies opening up in the wall and in the air ten centimeter in front of my eyes. Things were moving, glistering and getting colorful. I saw myself in my own funeral, laying in my grave and looking at the people gathered around. I felt no fear, on the contrary I felt blissful. Suddenly I felt like the earth absorbed me and for a moment I became one with the ground. It was pure happiness. 

The visions were magnificent but the best were the emotions. Although visions and feelings were also strongly connected. I experienced a complete sense of happiness and togetherness with everything and everyone. I was crying of joy, laughing and giggling. 

Now it’s gone about a month from the session. I notice a big difference. I have relapsed to my bad habit only briefly and feel confident of getting free for good. I have felt positive changes also with my other issues.

Marcel’s guidance and his calm presence made me feel very safe during the trip and I am very happy with the whole process. I can warmly recommend him as trip guide.

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Andere namen voor psychedelische therapie: Ayahuasca, MDMA therapie, Truffel ceremonie, paddo ceremonie, psilocybine ceremonie.

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